God Provides Food

God provides Food!

Did you know that most people can walk outside and there is food waiting for them to eat? Here are my top 3.

Sounds crazy huh?

If you are blessed enough to have a yard and you haven’t mowed the lawn in a while, and you do not spray your yard with chemicals, you might see something most people call “weeds”. Not many people know that those weeds are actually edible!

You can eat some “weeds”! Make sure you do your research before you go picking anything in your yard and start eating it! You do this on your own accord and not because I suggest that your weeds are edible.


God provides Food!

Some of the edible plants in your yard are the Oxalis or their common name clovers. You remember “Find a 4 leaf clover, and it’s good luck”. Those are the ones. These plants are delicious and have a slight pickle taste. My daughter loves to go outside and pick these throughout the day. And it is one of the “Greens” i can get my son to eat.

Hopefully you do not spray your yard with pesticides and insecticides. If you use a company to spray your yard I definately do not recomend you go outside and eat your edible plants. You have ruined the ground and poisoned your plants. On the other hand, if you spray your yard you shouldnt have any weeds or edible plants right?


God provides Food!

So I have digressed…. The 2nd type of edible plant that may grow in your yard is the dandelion. These plants you can eat the leaves in your salad as a bitter green or you can pick the flower and make jelly! You can boil the roots and make a tea or a tincture. If you go to wellnessmamma.com you can find recipes for tea, as well as other yummy things!

God provides Food!

The 3rd type of edible plant is Chickweed! Chickweed leaves, stems and flowers can all be eaten either raw or cooked. The plant can also be used as a topical poultice for minor cuts, rashes, and/or burns. It can also be made into a tea for use as a mild diuretic. Chickweed usually grows in the Spring before it gets too hot. They are tiny plants. There are 5 petals even though it looks like 10, they are connected at the base of the petal.


I love learning about different plants to eat and something we can do as a family is pick flowers, then make a garden salad for lunch with some delicious tea to drink! The Lord definately provides food for our table.

Again I can not stress enough for you do do your research and learn which plants you can and can not eat! Some plants and flowers are posineous so please please please do your due diligence before consuming anything in your yard. Also make sure you are not spraying your yard with harmful chemicals. We do not use any chemicals on our 10 acres, we have animals running about free range so we can go out pick our food, and come into the house to eat lunch (after it has been washed of course).

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Help Feed Hungry Children

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to ask, have you ever wanted to help feed hungry children? But not sure if you can trust those commercials on the television? Now you can help feed hungry children! Go to the link watch the video and make your pledge today! http://fhn.potatopakpledge.com 🙂


Success Starts With Helping Others!

Since Kyäni’s humble beginnings, helping others to ‘Experience More’ has been a major part of the Founders’ core beliefs. This passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and the foundation for Kyäni Caring Hands. “As we look within ourselves, observe the needs around us and then take action, it allows us to ‘Experience more’ in a profound way,” says Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen, “Kyäni Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

In conjunction with the Kyäni Caring Hands initiative, Kyäni is pleased to introduce another way to help others – a way for you to be a part of something bigger and more impactful than ever before.

Kombucha: Benefits Including Gut Health, Immunity, Cancer-Fighter, and even helps with Weight Loss?

Healthy organic kombucha superfood probiotic drink in glass on white background

by Cat Ebeling & Mike Geary
co-authors of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning Kitchen & The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging

I actually fell in love with the tangy, sweet/sour, bubbly awesomeness about ten years ago, and have been addicted ever since. Barely a day goes by when I don’t pick up a bottle or pour myself a glass from my home brew. It has an amazing taste, and really does make you feel happier and energetic—almost immediately!

Kombucha has had quite a surge in popularity lately, and there are now several brands (depending on where you shop) to choose from. Depending on what you read or who you talk to, kombucha has been attributed with health benefits that range from clearing up acne to curing cancer, but many of these are unsubstantiated thus far.

Kombucha has been around for a least a couple thousand years in Asia and other countries. The Chinese called it an “immortal health elixir”. Because it’s fermented, you get billions of powerful probiotics in your system when you drink it. Kombucha comes from black and/or green tea, water, and sugar. During fermentation, the bacteria and yeast in the SCOBY actually ‘eat’ up most (not all) of the sugar and part of the caffeine, creating vinegar and other acidic compounds, with trace amounts of alcohol, and gases that make it carbonated.

The colony of friendly bacteria that ferments the tea—looking like a giant mushroom is called a “SCOBY” which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”.  While the tea ferments, the SCOBY helps create b-vitamins, enzymes, acetic acid, (found in apple cider vinegar), gluconic and lactic acid, and a ton of greatprobiotics!

This blob is a biochemical powerhouse that produces amino acids, enzymes, polyphenols (antioxidants), antibiotic type substances, and a whole array of phytochemicals that are beneficial to your health. Kombucha has been scientifically studied for its ability to:

  • Detox the liver
  • Increase energy (I always feel great after having it!)
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost immune system
  • Help prevent or fight cancer
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Improve mood—decrease anxiety anddepression

Kombucha has also been touted as being beneficial for acne, anxiety, arthritis, eczema, hangovers, hair growth, and more, but many of these claims have not yet been backed up with conclusive scientific evidence on humans.

In research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food 2014, researchers from the University of Latvia did say the following about the genuine health benefits of kombucha:

“It is shown that [kombucha] can efficiently act in health preservation and recovery due to four main properties: detoxification, anti-oxidation, energizing potencies, and promotion of boosting immunity.”

Detoxification–Kombucha is known for its detoxing capabilities, especially in the liver. One study reported that kombucha could actually decrease levels of toxins known to cause liver damage. Another study of kombucha on animals showed similarly decreased levels of certain toxins that are known to cause liver damage. And one other study evaluated toxicity, anti-stress capability, and liver-protective properties on rats with very favorable results.

Kombucha can overcome ‘Bad’ bacteria and yeasts—Since kombucha contains acetic acid, similar to vinegar, it appears to have strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, particularly against infection-causing bacteria, and harmful yeasts, like Candida.  Some people may avoid kombucha because it contains yeast, but the important thing to know is that kombucha contains beneficial yeasts and bacteria, which help to crowd out and cut off the harmful pathogens, like candida, in the body.

Increase Energy–Kombucha has the ability to invigorate and energize people. This is one of the reasons I have always loved drinking kombucha. It’s very energizing! It is thought that this energizing effect is from the formation of iron and B vitamins that are created from the black tea during fermentation. The iron from the tea helps to boost hemoglobin in the blood, which improves oxygen in the body’s tissues, which in turn, is very energizing. There is a small amount of caffeine left in the tea, depending upon fermentation time, but generally most of this caffeine is ‘eaten’ up in the fermentation process. I personally think the energizing feeling that comes from kombucha, is from ingesting the raw cultures and live enzymes as well.

Digestion–Kombucha’s high levels of acid, probiotics and live enzymes aid in digestion and are especially helpful if you have any type of digestive disorder like leaky gut, irritable bowel disease, celiac disease, food allergies, and imbalances due to things like a poor diet or previous antibiotics. Kombucha is also naturally high in live enzymes that help the digestive process. Kombucha helps to repopulate the digestive system with beneficial bacteria and yeasts protecting it from the more harmful types that may exist in the gut. One thing to note about kombucha—depending on your current health and the health of your gut, you may actually feel worse the first few times you ingest kombucha. This is because of a ‘die-off’ reaction from the harmful pathogens that may live there. This is a good thing!

Immune Boosting—Because kombucha is naturally high in antioxidants and probiotics, it helps to support and strengthen the immune system. Scientific studies show probiotics’ power in fortifying the immune function, and since a large portion of immune function is a result of gut health, it only makes sense to be sure to keep the digestive tract supplemented with a wide variety of beneficial bacteria. Kombucha also contains massive antioxidants like D-saccharic acid lactone (DSL) which results from the fermentation of the tea. DSL is known for its ability to detoxify cells.

Cancer Prevention—Much has been written and studied about cancer prevention and kombucha. A study published in Cancer Letters found that consuming glucaric acid found in kombucha reduced the risk of cancer in humans, as well as the antioxidant, DSL. In test-tube studies, kombucha helped prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells, due to its high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants. Scientists theorize that the DSL and the vitamin C often found in kombucha are its primary oxidation weapons, protecting against inflammation, tumors, and overall depression of the immune system. As you may know, immune function is one of the body’s main protection systems against most cancers.

Weight Loss—Evidence shows that kombucha can improve and speed up metabolism (partially due to the small amount of caffeine it contains). Since kombucha is high in acetic acid (similar to apple cider vinegar), probiotics, and polyphenols, it can help with weight loss through various mechanisms, including through improved digestion and nutrient absorption. Some research also shows that acetic acid can help with weight loss by lowering blood sugar, decreasing insulin levels (which favors fat burning—instead of fat storing), and helps to suppress appetite.

In one specific human study on acetic acid and weight loss over 12 weeks, it was found that the subjects averaged 3.7 lbs weight loss, 0.9% decreased body fat, 0.75 inch waist circumference reduction, and a whopping 26% decrease in dangerous triglycerides!

Important to note however: sugar content in kombucha can vary widely, so be sure to check label for lowest sugar content. Home brewed versions have less sugar the longer time they ferment, and more acetic acid, making them ideal for weight loss and other health benefits.  With that said, most brands of kombucha only range from 2 grams of sugar to 7 grams of sugar per 8 oz.  This is very small compared to 30-40 grams of sugar in most soft drinks.  Therefore, there is very little blood sugar impact from kombucha, which is great.

Mood boosting—Kombucha has been known as a mood booster, helping to alleviate both anxiety and depression. Although the exact mechanism of this is not known, it is most likely due to a combination of the antioxidants in the tea, the polyphenols (green tea is known to be high in these as well), and the beneficial bacteria.

Medical research is discovering a direct link between gut health and mental health—primarily anxiety and depression. When healthy bacteria, in the form of fermented foods, are introduced into the digestive system on a regular basis, they help to restore the delicate balance of the gut microbiome.  Serotonin is a natural brain chemical that controls and stabilizes your mood and functions in your brain. Since your gut produces about 95% of your serotonin, keeping your gut healthy and ‘well fed’ with beneficial bacteria and yeasts should help boost your moods.

What about the Probiotics?

What exactly are the beneficial bacteria found in kombucha? In an article published from the Journal of Food Microbiology, it was found that the following probiotics are generally found in kombucha—although the actual amounts and types of organisms in the culture can vary widely, based on geography, preparation, temperature, climate, local bacteria in the environment, and yeasts present.

  • Gluconacetobacter- An anaerobic bacteria unique to kombucha. It feeds on nitrogen that from the tea and produces acetic acid and gluconic acid, as well as building the SCOBY.
  • Acetobacter-Bacteria that produce acetic acid and gluconic acid, along with the actual SCOBY mushroom. Acetobacter xylinoides and acetobacter ketogenum are two of the usual strains you find in kombucha.
  • Lactobacillus-A type of bacteria sometimes in kombucha that produces lactic acid. 
  • Saccharomyces–includes a number of yeast strains that produce alcohol and are the most common types of yeast found in kombucha.
  • Zygosaccharomyces-A yeast strain unique to kombucha. It produces alcohol and carbonation as well as contributing to the mushroom body.

The different types of bacteria and yeast in kombucha are what make it behave and appear the way it does, including the fizz and its somewhat unique flavor. (And if you see funky looking things floating around in your kombucha, don’t worry about it—just drink up—it’s little colonies of healthy yeast and bacteria.)

Other, not so beneficial organisms have been found in some cultures as well, and if you are making your own brew, you need to be very careful to keep everything touching the kombucha and the SCOBY very clean. Penicillin, Asperigillus, and Candida are common invaders, and rarely, even more harmful bacteria can take up residence, but those cases are few and far between. However, if you are pregnant or have a compromised immune system, it is probably best to avoid kombucha, since some of the yeasts and bacteria may be more harmful to a weakened immune system than good.

How do you know if your home brewed kombucha has unhealthy molds? It’s pretty easy to spot. It usually looks very similar to the mold that you would see growing on bread, fruit or cheese. Green, black, or gray—and fuzzy. Just be sure to dump everything if you see mold on it, and start over with a new SCOBY.

At over $3 a bottle, buying a kombucha from the store every day can get expensive, so like me, you may want to make your own. Making it at home, as long as you adhere to very clean standards and avoid contaminating it, creates the freshest kombucha with the most active enzymes and ingredients. Commercially prepared kombuchas lose many of their antioxidants when stored for long periods of time, and some varieties have far less beneficial bacteria in them.

Here is my own recipe for basic kombucha: 


4-6 black tea bags

1 cup organic granulated cane sugar

1-2 liters filtered or spring water (don’t use tap water as it often contains chlorine and other chemicals which will kill or prevent the growth of the beneficial bacteria and yeasts)

Large glass container with wide mouth (I used a large glass ice tea container)

SCOBY (you can use a starter from someone else who makes kombucha or obtain a starter from a health food store or online)

Clean dish cloth and rubber band


Be sure your kitchen and utensils are all very clean. Just to be sure, I rinse all of mine under very hot water.

Bring water to boil in a large pot. Once boiling, remove from heat and add teabags and sugar and let it steep, stirring occasionally with clean spoon to dissolve sugar.

Remove and discard tea bags after about a half hour or so. Let mixture cool to room temp—do not pour boiling hot tea over SCOBY or you may kill the live bacteria and yeasts.

When cool, add to jar with an equal amount of filtered water. Add SCOBY and cover with clean cloth and rubber band to secure it. Do not add a lid as the fermentation will build up and could explode it!

Allow the tea to sit for 7-14 days. Less time produces a tea with more sugar and caffeine. More time creates a more sour, fizzy brew, but it will be full of antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics. Much depends on the temperature and storage of the tea. Enjoy!

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Natural pesticides you can make at home

Re-blogged from Natural News 
Image: Natural pesticides you can make at home

(Homesteading.news) We all love organic food because we know going natural is better for our families. And, as growing season approaches, now is the time to talk about how best to keep your plants and vegetables pest-free without using dangerous chemicals that can leach into nearby waterways and soil.

There are several natural pesticide recipes you can safely make at home. What’s more, they are extremely effective at keeping pests away from your food crops. And here’s more good news: Making natural pesticides will also save you money because you’re using low-cost common ingredients.

First, here are a few tips to ensure that your pesticide brew won’t actually harm your plants:

  1. Test your batch on a small set of leaves. If they wilt, change color or burn, then you’ll need to dilute your solution somewhat. Do that, then test again.
  1. Don’t spray your plants if there is rain in the forecast for that day. The rain will just wash away your pesticide.
  1. Don’t spray on extremely hot, sunny days. Best to treat later in the afternoon/evening, when the sun is going down.
  1. Make sure to coat underneath leaves as well as on top.
  1. To prevent plant damage, don’t overspray; just apply once every couple of days to avoid burning your plants.

Alright, with that in mind, let’s get to some pesticide recipes:

Alcohol spray

Using some rubbing alcohol, mix a half a cup of alcohol with one quarter of water and 2 to 3 tablespoons of dry laundry soap. Stir the ingredients until the soap is dissolved and pour into a spray bottle.

This mixture is really effective for indoor plants and works the best against meal bugs. But use it as soon as you mix it, otherwise the ingredients will separate, which will render it ineffective.

Garlic or Onion Spray

This is one of the most common organic pesticides and one of the most effective. Dice a garlic bulb (or purchase diced garlic) into a quart of boiling water, and add a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. You can also add a diced onion [do you have any growing naturally, in your yard?].

Let the ingredients simmer on the stove for about an hour. Once it cools, add some to a spray bottle. You can spray plants indoors and outdoors or, for outdoor plants, you can pour the solution around your garden. The solution can be stored in your refrigerator for up to a week.

Neem Oil

You can mix a tablespoon of neem oil with a 2-3 teaspoons of mild liquid soap, then about one-half to two-thirds of a gallon of warm water and mix well. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray the infected plant.


This is one of the easiest natural pesticides. Simply stir in two tablespoons of crystal salt into a gallon of warm water, mix completely, then spray over both indoor and outdoor plants. This solution works well against spider mites, cabbageworms and slugs.

Remember, also, that some insects are actually beneficial. For instance, Brachonids,Chalcids and Ichneumon Wasps are natural predators of leaf-eating caterpillars; planting carrots, celery and parsley attracts them.

Ladybugs eat aphids, mites and whiteflies; they are attracted to daisies.

Lacewings eat aphids and other insects, and are attracted to yarrow, goldenrod, black-eyed Susan’s and asters. They can even be purchased online and released into your garden.

Praying Mantis’s have a large appetite for just about any other insects.

Homesteading.news is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.


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Congrats Grads!


Congratulations to all the graduates of 2016. If you are graduating from high school, you have some decisions ahead of you. Choose your path wisely, choose what inspires you, what makes you happy. Have a plan as to where you want to be in the next 5 and 10 years. If you haven’t already done so, sit and think about where you want your life to go. Pressure from family and friends about where you should go are just opinions. Follow your heart, and mind. Your calling is out there. Be open to what burns inside of you. It may be scary; it may be fun; it may be completely out of the ordinary. To achieve your dreams, sometimes, we need to go against the grain.
I did what I thought everyone wanted me to do. I went to college, worked 3 jobs, graduated, then had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was floating in the wind. Took whatever offer was out there. I do not wish the same for you. I advice is to have a plan and work that plan. Write it down, look at it everyday, and work at it.

College Graduates
If you are graduating college, you have dedicated your time and energy to a higher education. Good for you! Education is the key to your success. You will always be learning, always be studying. Never stop. Your degree is an accomplishment, be proud. I am proud of you. Those late night study sessions, some of you juggling work, family, and school. You are amazing! You had a plan and you worked it. Now go forth and share your knowledge.

To teach someone what you learned helps you to retain that knowledge as well as helps others to learn something they may not have already known.  So as you go out into the world, hold your head high. You are ready to face the challenges that may lay ahead. Use your knowledge, think things through. Go forth and change the world.

Once more, congratulations graduates.

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In the dark

Last night’s storm was on of the worst we have seen in a while. Last year in April it just rained, and rained, and rained….you get the idea. This time we had high winds, pea size hail and a torrential downpour. Luckily all the animals made it, including the 5 baby chicks that decided to hatch yesterday afternoon.
Electricity went out about 1 am and hasn’t been back up since. There is a downed power line angled across the road. Don’t worry, the proper authorities have been notified. They came, marked the pole, put a little flag on the wire, so we could see it is draped across the road way, and then left. Apparently there are more urgent matters that need attending to.
The kids are having electronic withdrawals; no tv, no computer, no internet. Even their Leap Frogs ran out of battery. WORST. DAY.EVER. for them. We spent most of the day outside, playing with the pups that found their way into my mother’s rose bushes. Climbing onto the highest part of the playset, spinning themselves silly on the swings. Going down the street to see a neighbor. And doing, well, what I used to do when I was a kid.
I cooked eggs and French toast outside on the grill, made biscuits in the Dutch oven, boiled tea in the kettle, had a perfectly normal day. Loaned mom the Dutch oven when I was done with biscuits, and she made a delicious chicken soup on her propane grill. (With a chicken I processed yesterday) For supper we went into town and ordered fast food. Bought more charcoal and matches in case we don’t have power tomorrow. Supposed to rain so we’ll see how it goes.
To me, it’s been a great day. Besides using the solar powered charger to recharge my dead phone (I was up late watching YouTube videos on how to process rabbits) I didn’t miss electricity too much. I did however miss camping, and wished I had kept my one pot meal recipes. And tomorrow, if the lines are still fallen, I guess we will do it all over again. Hope everyone enjoys their electricity! I’ll be here using my grill. 😃


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I’m becoming the chicken lady


We’ve had our chickens since last October. We finished building our coop and started with two hens and one red rooster. Then we grew our flock to 10 hens and 3 roosters. 2 of the roosters are Banty Silver Laced Cochin. Ornamental really, not for anything else. They are the pets, so cute and fluffy. The hens are barnyard mix from a lady needing to move and giving away her hens. Then added 4 more from the “half-way” house. Those are the pullets too old for the nursery coop and too young to be put in general populations. We average between 8-10 eggs a day. If everyone lays we have 3 green, 2 brown, 2 white, 3 cream colored eggs. The pullets should start laying soon. My sneaking suspicion of one being a rooster is correct. I saw him mount another hen today. Ha! that makes 13 hens and 4 roosters. Time to thin out the boys.

My daughter loves her feathered friends. The ducks and the baby goose follow her around like she is the mamma. She is constantly sneaking out of the house to go and sit with them. As long as the weather is good, you can find her outside with those beaked friends. And I don’t blame her. She finds them as relaxing as I do. I like to sit outside and watch the chickens peck at that ground. Some times they come over to me and jump on my knee, sometimes they peck at my shoes. For me, to watch the chickens roam around and scratch the ground and hunt for food, i’d say this is my form of therapy.

I find that I don’t worry about the day to day things. I don’t think about any of the problems that have arisen that day. I am simply in the moment. Relaxed. Quiet. At Peace. So yes! I am becoming the chicken lady. I am learning all things chicken. I have a great group of friends that have been doing this way longer than I, so I can call and ask a question if I can’t find it online. I have bought several books and have skimmed them all. I have watched YouTube videos on how to sex chickens, build nesting boxes, which methods of raising them are best, hatching eggs, harvesting chickens, cooking chicken… You name it, the kids and I have probably watched.

Chickens are one of the animal types here on the farm. I am in the process of becoming the Rabbit Lady as well as the Pig Lady, then maybe, just maybe we will work on goats. But that is for another blog.


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Best Intentions

I had my blog topic  on Water for today. I had all the great facts on 8 glasses of 8oz of water and what you need to do to get there if you are not there yet. Then the formula that I follow on how I  get my water intake…….Then It happened……..Technology failed me! Can you believe it? I lost my blog. It is floating in the dark world of deleted cyber-space. Yup, accidentally pushed the Delete button. That. Just. Happened. Ugh, maybe a back up, write everything on paper first, then type it up. Nah, that takes too much time. Besides, my kids see any kind of paper, whether it be a bill, a card, construction paper, newspaper, even toilet paper; it winds up as a decorated paper airplane. Never fails. Gotta give them credit for their creativity though. I have seen some pretty interesting folds.

So in lieu of my fascinating water facts, which we should be drinking half our weight in ounces of water a day, I will share with you my story about my struggle with drinking water.

As the summer months creep closer and closer it is getting hotter and hotter here in Texas and the need for water in my body increases. Working outside with the animals, i sweat buckets of water. Sure it would be easy to drink from the water hose, as I used to do as a child, but I just can’t. Not anymore. See once you learn something it is difficult to unlearn it. Let me explain in a back story: After starting on my healthy living journey, I try to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible. One topic I researched is Water. In our cities our water is pumped up from the aquifer, and then poisoned by things like Chlorine and Fluoride. Most people don’t give these a second thought, “the water has always been “cleaned” this way”. But, why those two chemicals that have been known to cause serious health problems in people?

Drinking Fluoride is about as safe as drinking arsenic. It even says on the toothpaste box. “If swallowed call poison control” Yet it is put into our drinking water. Hmm, i don’t know about you but drinking a poison does not go well with me. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the treatment plants to keep bacteria from growing and poisoning us. However the affects of ingesting chlorine is more harmful that originally thought back in the mid 1800’s when chlorine was first introduced to our drinking water as a way to cure typhoid, cholera and dysentery. According to the Environmental Protection Agency Americans are consuming 300-600 times the amount of chlorine that is considered safe to ingest*.

So these two chemicals are literally keeping me from drinking water. Until I got a water filter system. One that filters out the harmful chemicals that were put in to “clean” our water. Yup, I have now been able to drink my water with the peace of mind knowing that I can drink clean filtered water as God intended to help sustain my body. Modern science has come a long way. Our thinking though, may still be trying to catch up. In my experience after drinking clean filtered water and then trying to drink a glass of tap anywhere else, makes my stomach turn. I am human, I forget, not everyone has filtered water. Bottled water is a whole other issue, I’ll save that for another blog. For now, the fight to drink my daily allotted amount of water goes on. If I forget to filter the water, then I’ll just have to wait. It doesn’t take too long, but that is something I am happy to live with.

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Sources: *http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/15/chlorine-is-toxic-what-you-need-to-know-about-chlorine-your-health/

A Time of Giving

Are you a giver? Do you freely give of your time, energy, money, or belongings? When asked this question, I would easily say I gave of my time and belongings. Then I was asked, “why only those two?”. Hmm, I didn’t have a readily available answer to that question. I always found it easy to give of my time, when I had time to give, and to do something that came easily to me, so that it didn’t take up too much of my time. (does that make sense?) and my belongings well, if I had them and wasn’t using them, I would give them, usually to a family member, or close friend. But anyone beyond that I would try to sell it to them first. Why would I do that? If they needed it why didn’t I just give it to them?

These are some questions I have been struggling with for a while now. To give and to give freely and happily, how can I let go of something so near and dear to me to a complete stranger? It was easy to give to my family and friends. I loved them and would do anything for them. Not the case with a stranger. You hear about “paying it forward”, either through emails or on the radio, and you smile and think that is a nice gesture. But have you really payed it forward yourself? Thinking back, I haven’t payed it forward in the way I would like to. And sure there are the usual excuses; I don’t have any money, I am running late to an appointment, one day I will fit back into those clothes…The excuses can go on and on and on, like a broken record that you can’t quite get to and make stop.

This is why I have felt compelled to step out of the comfort zone of giving to just friends and family. I want to give to others as lovingly as I do to those I am familiar. I want to help others in their time of need. Like when the Tornado hit in Floresville a few months back. People rallied together to help those in need. I, (like I am accustomed to do) called friends and family to check to see if they were okay and if there was anything I could do to help. When they were all fine, I smiled, thanked The Lord and then went about my usual business. But there were people who were not fine, and I didn’t reach out. It was a wasted opportunity for me to bless someone in need.  Well no more!

I have gotten to a place where I need to give of myself freely and lovingly in the name of The Lord. and not just of my time, but of something that is harder for me to give. Money. (Oh boy, here come the excuses again) I can think of 1,000 reasons why I shouldn’t give my money freely and lovingly to someone in need, someone that is not a family member or a friend. I have heard of the devastation the earthquakes have caused and the many people in need. I have pledged $25 to the relief fund in sending over a Potato Pak and I am asking that if I moves you, to make a pledge as well. My goal is to get people to donate up to $500. If I could send the $500 myself I would, but sadly I can’t. I am asking for your help.

Below is an excerpt from their webpage:

Kyäni Believes in Giving Back

Since helping others to ‘Experience More’ has been a major part of the Founders’ core beliefs, this passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and is the foundation for Kyäni Caring Hands. “As we look within ourselves, observe the needs around us and then take action, it allows us to ‘Experience more’ in a profound way,” says Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen, “Kyäni Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

Kyäni has traveled to the remotest areas of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico to help those who can’t help themselves, those who are without substantive nutrition, along with those who need schools to educate their children and shelter from the elements.

Kyäni’s Caring Hands is a chance for Distributors to make life-changing donations with an outright donation or in purchasing Potato Paks for distribution to families who do not have basic nutrition or communities who need disaster relief.

If you would like to Pay It Forward then click here. You will be taken to the website where you can have to option to donate $25 to help a family in need. I want to give freely and lovingly, and I know you have that desire too. Please share this blog post it on your social media and help me to reach my goal of $500. One person alone can only do so much, but together we all can make a huge difference.


If $25 is too much for you at this moment and you want to contribute, you can click here, then the +Buy Now tab, where you will be taken to the Shop, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see Charity Donations, click + and the icons to donate Potato Paks, and earthquake relief in $1 $5 and $20 increments.

I thank you in advance for your participation.  Lets help others, give of our selves and serve as The Lord moves you to.


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Hello World!

Hi, my name is Zulema. I am new to blogging, and even though it is a little bit scary for me, I thought I would try it out. It has been weighing on my heart for these past several weeks to start a blog. At first I was unsure that I might have anything worth anything for anybody to read. But as the feeling continue to grow to start this blog I thought “What the heck!” I could just try it out, see how it goes, and enjoy the ride.

Most of my thoughts have been in “blog form” I see my thoughts in my head written in a blog for everyone to read. Some thoughts are to scary to think people will ever read but, never the less, it is written in my head for all the world to read.

Anyone ever do anything out of their comfort zone and loved it?

At first the anxiety of writing something was over whelming but the more I thought about it, the more confident I became. Go me!

So let me tell you a little about myself. I stay at home, work several different arenas,  Homeschooling my 4 beautiful children, and try to fervently serve My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Notice I didn’t say “I am…” Because what I do does not nearly define who I am. I am forever changing, constantly learning, adapting, adjusting old habits. I care about people, genuinely love and appreciate them for who they are. I live to serve and not be served. (Any mom with kids know about serving) I have some great ideas and some not so great. I can be focused one moment and then scatter brained the next. I am complex, I contradict myself on several occasions. I am human.

So why should you read my blog?

Well I hope to bring some wisdom and some value to you through this blog. Maybe help you with my experiences. Even if it is as little as someone saying, “Yes! I feel that way too.” Or something as great as someone saying, “Thanks, your words have helped me so much.”

I am just here to put my thoughts down, what I have learned, and what I can take away from these post. I am a new writer, so please be patient as I learn the ropes on style and theme and tone and description. If something I write confuses you, please let me know so I may clarify. I am a work in progress. Never stating that I am perfect in anyway. I am beautifully flawed.

What value can I bring?

As stated above, I work several arenas. I raise rabbits and chickens, I sell the eggs and harvest the meat and furs for other projects. (That is my intention, anyway, have yet to harvest any bunny thus far.) I also love to talk health and to help people with their eating habits, have recipes that are delicious and healing, as well as sell a health and wellness product. My links will be at the bottom send me an email, ask me questions. I love to help.

And here is where I should put my disclaimer. I am NOT a doctor. If you have a serious health issue please see your physician first. The opinions and views expressed in this blog are solely mine, unless otherwise stated and referenced.

So, here is my first blog. How’d I do? There will be more to follow, as my brain and time allow.

Those links I told you about:

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