Are you a giver? Do you freely give of your time, energy, money, or belongings? When asked this question, I would easily say I gave of my time and belongings. Then I was asked, “why only those two?”. Hmm, I didn’t have a readily available answer to that question. I always found it easy to give of my time, when I had time to give, and to do something that came easily to me, so that it didn’t take up too much of my time. (does that make sense?) and my belongings well, if I had them and wasn’t using them, I would give them, usually to a family member, or close friend. But anyone beyond that I would try to sell it to them first. Why would I do that? If they needed it why didn’t I just give it to them?

These are some questions I have been struggling with for a while now. To give and to give freely and happily, how can I let go of something so near and dear to me to a complete stranger? It was easy to give to my family and friends. I loved them and would do anything for them. Not the case with a stranger. You hear about “paying it forward”, either through emails or on the radio, and you smile and think that is a nice gesture. But have you really payed it forward yourself? Thinking back, I haven’t payed it forward in the way I would like to. And sure there are the usual excuses; I don’t have any money, I am running late to an appointment, one day I will fit back into those clothes…The excuses can go on and on and on, like a broken record that you can’t quite get to and make stop.

This is why I have felt compelled to step out of the comfort zone of giving to just friends and family. I want to give to others as lovingly as I do to those I am familiar. I want to help others in their time of need. Like when the Tornado hit in Floresville a few months back. People rallied together to help those in need. I, (like I am accustomed to do) called friends and family to check to see if they were okay and if there was anything I could do to help. When they were all fine, I smiled, thanked The Lord and then went about my usual business. But there were people who were not fine, and I didn’t reach out. It was a wasted opportunity for me to bless someone in need.  Well no more!

I have gotten to a place where I need to give of myself freely and lovingly in the name of The Lord. and not just of my time, but of something that is harder for me to give. Money. (Oh boy, here come the excuses again) I can think of 1,000 reasons why I shouldn’t give my money freely and lovingly to someone in need, someone that is not a family member or a friend. I have heard of the devastation the earthquakes have caused and the many people in need. I have pledged $25 to the relief fund in sending over a Potato Pak and I am asking that if I moves you, to make a pledge as well. My goal is to get people to donate up to $500. If I could send the $500 myself I would, but sadly I can’t. I am asking for your help.

Below is an excerpt from their webpage:

Kyäni Believes in Giving Back

Since helping others to ‘Experience More’ has been a major part of the Founders’ core beliefs, this passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and is the foundation for Kyäni Caring Hands. “As we look within ourselves, observe the needs around us and then take action, it allows us to ‘Experience more’ in a profound way,” says Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen, “Kyäni Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

Kyäni has traveled to the remotest areas of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico to help those who can’t help themselves, those who are without substantive nutrition, along with those who need schools to educate their children and shelter from the elements.

Kyäni’s Caring Hands is a chance for Distributors to make life-changing donations with an outright donation or in purchasing Potato Paks for distribution to families who do not have basic nutrition or communities who need disaster relief.

If you would like to Pay It Forward then click here. You will be taken to the website where you can have to option to donate $25 to help a family in need. I want to give freely and lovingly, and I know you have that desire too. Please share this blog post it on your social media and help me to reach my goal of $500. One person alone can only do so much, but together we all can make a huge difference.


If $25 is too much for you at this moment and you want to contribute, you can click here, then the +Buy Now tab, where you will be taken to the Shop, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see Charity Donations, click + and the icons to donate Potato Paks, and earthquake relief in $1 $5 and $20 increments.

I thank you in advance for your participation.  Lets help others, give of our selves and serve as The Lord moves you to.


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