We’ve had our chickens since last October. We finished building our coop and started with two hens and one red rooster. Then we grew our flock to 10 hens and 3 roosters. 2 of the roosters are Banty Silver Laced Cochin. Ornamental really, not for anything else. They are the pets, so cute and fluffy. The hens are barnyard mix from a lady needing to move and giving away her hens. Then added 4 more from the “half-way” house. Those are the pullets too old for the nursery coop and too young to be put in general populations. We average between 8-10 eggs a day. If everyone lays we have 3 green, 2 brown, 2 white, 3 cream colored eggs. The pullets should start laying soon. My sneaking suspicion of one being a rooster is correct. I saw him mount another hen today. Ha! that makes 13 hens and 4 roosters. Time to thin out the boys.

My daughter loves her feathered friends. The ducks and the baby goose follow her around like she is the mamma. She is constantly sneaking out of the house to go and sit with them. As long as the weather is good, you can find her outside with those beaked friends. And I don’t blame her. She finds them as relaxing as I do. I like to sit outside and watch the chickens peck at that ground. Some times they come over to me and jump on my knee, sometimes they peck at my shoes. For me, to watch the chickens roam around and scratch the ground and hunt for food, i’d say this is my form of therapy.

I find that I don’t worry about the day to day things. I don’t think about any of the problems that have arisen that day. I am simply in the moment. Relaxed. Quiet. At Peace. So yes! I am becoming the chicken lady. I am learning all things chicken. I have a great group of friends that have been doing this way longer than I, so I can call and ask a question if I can’t find it online. I have bought several books and have skimmed them all. I have watched YouTube videos on how to sex chickens, build nesting boxes, which methods of raising them are best, hatching eggs, harvesting chickens, cooking chicken… You name it, the kids and I have probably watched.

Chickens are one of the animal types here on the farm. I am in the process of becoming the Rabbit Lady as well as the Pig Lady, then maybe, just maybe we will work on goats. But that is for another blog.


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