Last night’s storm was on of the worst we have seen in a while. Last year in April it just rained, and rained, and rained….you get the idea. This time we had high winds, pea size hail and a torrential downpour. Luckily all the animals made it, including the 5 baby chicks that decided to hatch yesterday afternoon.
Electricity went out about 1 am and hasn’t been back up since. There is a downed power line angled across the road. Don’t worry, the proper authorities have been notified. They came, marked the pole, put a little flag on the wire, so we could see it is draped across the road way, and then left. Apparently there are more urgent matters that need attending to.
The kids are having electronic withdrawals; no tv, no computer, no internet. Even their Leap Frogs ran out of battery. WORST. DAY.EVER. for them. We spent most of the day outside, playing with the pups that found their way into my mother’s rose bushes. Climbing onto the highest part of the playset, spinning themselves silly on the swings. Going down the street to see a neighbor. And doing, well, what I used to do when I was a kid.
I cooked eggs and French toast outside on the grill, made biscuits in the Dutch oven, boiled tea in the kettle, had a perfectly normal day. Loaned mom the Dutch oven when I was done with biscuits, and she made a delicious chicken soup on her propane grill. (With a chicken I processed yesterday) For supper we went into town and ordered fast food. Bought more charcoal and matches in case we don’t have power tomorrow. Supposed to rain so we’ll see how it goes.
To me, it’s been a great day. Besides using the solar powered charger to recharge my dead phone (I was up late watching YouTube videos on how to process rabbits) I didn’t miss electricity too much. I did however miss camping, and wished I had kept my one pot meal recipes. And tomorrow, if the lines are still fallen, I guess we will do it all over again. Hope everyone enjoys their electricity! I’ll be here using my grill. 😃


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