God provides Food!

Did you know that most people can walk outside and there is food waiting for them to eat? Here are my top 3.

Sounds crazy huh?

If you are blessed enough to have a yard and you haven’t mowed the lawn in a while, and you do not spray your yard with chemicals, you might see something most people call “weeds”. Not many people know that those weeds are actually edible!

You can eat some “weeds”! Make sure you do your research before you go picking anything in your yard and start eating it! You do this on your own accord and not because I suggest that your weeds are edible.


God provides Food!

Some of the edible plants in your yard are the Oxalis or their common name clovers. You remember “Find a 4 leaf clover, and it’s good luck”. Those are the ones. These plants are delicious and have a slight pickle taste. My daughter loves to go outside and pick these throughout the day. And it is one of the “Greens” i can get my son to eat.

Hopefully you do not spray your yard with pesticides and insecticides. If you use a company to spray your yard I definately do not recomend you go outside and eat your edible plants. You have ruined the ground and poisoned your plants. On the other hand, if you spray your yard you shouldnt have any weeds or edible plants right?


God provides Food!

So I have digressed…. The 2nd type of edible plant that may grow in your yard is the dandelion. These plants you can eat the leaves in your salad as a bitter green or you can pick the flower and make jelly! You can boil the roots and make a tea or a tincture. If you go to wellnessmamma.com you can find recipes for tea, as well as other yummy things!

God provides Food!

The 3rd type of edible plant is Chickweed! Chickweed leaves, stems and flowers can all be eaten either raw or cooked. The plant can also be used as a topical poultice for minor cuts, rashes, and/or burns. It can also be made into a tea for use as a mild diuretic. Chickweed usually grows in the Spring before it gets too hot. They are tiny plants. There are 5 petals even though it looks like 10, they are connected at the base of the petal.


I love learning about different plants to eat and something we can do as a family is pick flowers, then make a garden salad for lunch with some delicious tea to drink! The Lord definately provides food for our table.

Again I can not stress enough for you do do your research and learn which plants you can and can not eat! Some plants and flowers are posineous so please please please do your due diligence before consuming anything in your yard. Also make sure you are not spraying your yard with harmful chemicals. We do not use any chemicals on our 10 acres, we have animals running about free range so we can go out pick our food, and come into the house to eat lunch (after it has been washed of course).

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